The best Bitcoin Trading Broker

Many popular and reputable online Forex brokers are now offering crypto-currencies trading.  I’m not speaking about a crypto-currency exchange where you can buy or sell them. I’m presenting another option here which is funding an account with regular money (USD, CAD, YEN, EUR etc) and then taking positions (buy or sell) on pairs like BTCUSD(Bitcoin), ETHUSD(Ethereum) or  LTCUSD(Litecoin) exactly as I do on my YouTube channel.

There are many advantages in choosing this way of trading crypto-currencies.  One of them is fund safety. Not having to deal with hackers trying to steal your wallet or not having to wish that yet another big exchange will close (like e-btc) is a definite benefit. When you fund your trading account at a regulated forex broker, you basically cancel these risk. Another advantage is being able to use leverage (margin trading). Leverage will let you increase your position size which will multiply your profit when you apply your edge when trading.  Being able to take short positions is another thing you can do and that is not offered at most popular exchanges.  Many will also like the fact that they will be able to trade many other popular pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD(gold) and dozens more.

Having been a Forex trader for almost 10 years, I tried and tested most of the better-known brokers and I have a very good idea of what to look for when choosing where to trade. The most important things I’m analyzing are the trading conditions (spreads, leverage offered, server uptime, orders execution speed to name a few), the different markets I can trade, where the broker is regulated and the funding/withdrawal methods. I also like having a live chat support whenever I have a question.

For the last few years, I’ve been trading at the same broker but they were not offering crypto-currency pairs so when I started trading Bitcoin I had to settle for a not so good broker.  You should have seen my big smile when I got the email from my favorite broker announcing they’ve just added a lot of crypto pairs (even more than all other brokers) and seeing that the spreads offered were so low! So here I am, trading at the best broker again. If you are ready to do the same simply Click Here to get your account.



If you are in the USA, here is the best option for you (my favorite broker does not take clients from the United States). It’s a broker that offers similar trading conditions and Metatrader 4 software but where you only can fund your account with BTC. Click here to get your account.